The Church of England and Education for Surrey Girls, 1870 – 1914.

Catherine Freeman is a part time doctoral student at the University of Greenwich. She is looking at education and employment for girls in Surrey between 1870 and 1914 and the relationships with ideas of respectable femininity across classes. This piece focusses on some of her research into an industrial school for girls, the archives for…

‘The Past is a Foreign Country’: Reflections on Travelling and the Study of History

Andrew J. Pottenger is a PhD candidate at the University of Manchester (Nazarene Theological College). He is preparing a thesis on three ‘doctrines of power’ guiding the Roman emperor Constantine’s interactions with various Christian bishops to address the ecclesiastical problems of schism and heresy.

Witnessing the Medieval English Parish Church

Since taking up a research fellowship at a single-subject institution last year, I’ve perhaps become a little too comfortable in my material-oriented art historical world. The Ecclesiastical History Society’s postgraduate colloquium in March was a welcome opportunity to widen my disciplinary boundaries.