‘The Past is a Foreign Country’: Reflections on Travelling and the Study of History

Andrew J. Pottenger is a PhD candidate at the University of Manchester (Nazarene Theological College). He is preparing a thesis on three ‘doctrines of power’ guiding the Roman emperor Constantine’s interactions with various Christian bishops to address the ecclesiastical problems of schism and heresy.


The Shrine That Never Was: The Anglo-Saxons and the Relics of Gregory I

Miriam Adan Jones is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Theology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, studying early medieval church history. She is preparing a thesis on the role ethnic identities played in the Anglo-Saxon church. In 2016, she was awarded the EHS’s Michael Kennedy Prize for her paper on the language of baptism in early…

Remembering Martin Bucer

Stephen Tong is an Australian in his third year of PhD research at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, which is partly funded by the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust. He is investigating evangelical ecclesiology during the Edwardian Reformation with a particular focus on developments in liturgy. At the 2016 EHS summer conference (for which he was awarded a…

Patristics and Europe in 1951

Originally posted on Patristics 1954:
Closed for business. Snack bar on Avenue Robert Schuman. Photograph by me. “… since we are gathered here on the soil of Great Britain, how could we not call to mind a model or antitype of the labour we’re now doing: the work completed in the ‘dark ages’ by the scotti monasteries,…